by Andy Faza

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Well I was
Sittin’ pretty with the angel of Death
Could see decay on her skin, could see the frost on her breath
And I said
“Would you like to come in?”
She said, “I don’t get offered conversation much in my line of work,
And I guess a glass of whiskey or two wouldn’t hurt.”
So she sat
With her chin in her hands

She said “Oh~”

I said, “You’re drinkin’ pretty hard.”
She said, “I’m lonely as Sin.”
And then she shook her head and said “…but I would hate to be him.”
And I laughed
While she emptied her glass
I asked her if she knew him close she said, “Well that’s quite a tale,
but if you hit me again, I would be happy to tell.”
And I said “well,
That sounds like a plan.”

She said “Oh~”

The breeze was blowing through the checkered curtains and the crickets they sang
The sun was setting through the window, was a beautiful thing
So we sat,
we took it all in.
I said “well disregarding all the things you’ve done in the past
You’re just a weary working girl wearing a yellow sundress,”
and she said “yeah…
That’s pretty much all I am.”

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