Diamond Nights

by Paolo L. Gatti

Genre: Pop



All the windows were open wide
And in the evening I remember the lights
And the clouds, white against the blue
On those diamond nights

Do you remember how we stayed out late,
For everything we were running on faith,
Was it right? For sure I couldn’t say
It was better than now anyway

You brought about
The very best in me
You made a better man
As I’ve probably never been

When the wind of life blows
How very little we all know,
So much is ahead for us
If baby we don’t let go
A splendid sun that stops the rain
You feel like joy after the pain,
My dear

Was it chance that brought me to your smile
In the warmth of an August night,
Was it fate? For sure I couldn’t say
It was luck that turned my way

Maybe life to me has been pretty fair
But there’s no point to things if you don’t share,
Like a breeze, you can feel it from inside
If your windows are open wide

You brought about
The very best in me

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