Divorce Court

by Rick Wicker

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Divorce Court © Rick Wicker

The sign in the yard says “For Sale”
It’s come down to this will the plaintiff prevail
The judge will decide who gets who
The kids love us both, oh what do we do

Here in Divorce Court we’ll argue over custody
Here in Divorce Court I’ll leave behind a part of me

Look around and see shattered lives
in this room full of future former husbands and wives
Lookin’ back it wasn’t that bad for us
Should we throw away what we had just because

Here in Divorce Court our differences are easy to see
Here in Divorce Court is it possible she still loves me?

Your Honor can we recess before you decide
I need to know how she’s feelin’ inside

In the hall we share second thoughts
We regret the times we should have talked but we fought
We agree to go on as a family she says yes when I ask her to remarry me

Here in Divorce Court the judge could not believe his ears
Here in Divorce Court we repeated our vows we’ll never come back here
Oh, here in Divorce Court we said “I do”
Here in Divorce Court we said “I love you”

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