Do the Best We Can

by Jerry Crawford

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


In ’66 we pick up our sticks
Mama is sweeping the floor
Work is scarce, Daddy cannot lie
The landlord at the door

2-door car with salt water rust
Look away the Promised Land
Don’t know how it all will work
But we’ll do the best we can

Oh ride away
We sing yippie ki yay

Trailer breaks down, we stop for lunch
Just across the line
Daddy says let’s lighten our load
And leave some things behind

Mama turns the radio on
Plays gospel and country and folk
Radio Man, he says “Yes you can.”
Daddy smiles and lights up a smoke

Oh ride away
We sing yippie ki yay

Brother James sitting next to me
With his Gold Key comic book
Mama reading maps, Daddy counting poles
Hopin’ we’ll change our luck

Singing Songs–The Church in the Vale
Little Brown Jug, Sloop John B. sails
Hang on to life by tooth and by nail
And we’ll do the best we can

Oh ride away
Singing yippie ki yay

Oh ride away
Yippie ki yo
Yippie ki yay

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