Do What Your Mama Says

by Dot Reiser and Jeff Mortrude

Genre: Americana/Country


There are days, when you challenge/
Everything I say/
You say WHY can’t I have this, and why can’t I do that/
And WHY should I do what you say/
Just “Do what your mama says”/
that’s all you need to/

Do what your mama says/
just because, just because I/
say so

No I won’t , I won’t let you/
go and jump off that cliff/
that your no-count friends are all talkin/
And that boy that you’re seeing/
No your daddy don’t like him/
He knows what that boy’s/
all about, (Now now, what’s that pout)
Just do what your mama says
Because mama knows best
Don’t shut me out
(when you’re a mama, you’ll understand)

That a mother’s word is like a lamp
and her teaching is a light
the light of Truth, see how it shines
Down that way to Paradise
I’m taking you to the Promised Land
In accordance with the Lord’s command
It’s a heavy load with the likes of you
But I’ll bear it out of love for yo
So do what your mama says
Cause mamas care enough
To speak the truth

You know the Lord helps those
who help themselves
So get your carcass up off that couch and get to school
and I don’t just mean maybe
And I’m not just whistling Dixie
And on your way pick all those clothes up off the floo
What did you call me
What did you just say
If you can’t say anything nice then
Don’t say anything at all

Harmony in this place
I Do my part
I Gotta lead
I Gotta speak with God’s
with a Simple heart

Came that day, when you told me/
Mama don’t you change a thing/
I like you the way that you
Not my pal, not my buddy
but a straight- talking, count on
protector of
My northern star
If I just heed your warnings
Work hard and do my best
you know that I’m gonna go far

and look at you go now/
Look at you fly/
Flying, flying so free/
and you know I’m gonna be here for you baby/
If there’s anything you/
Ever need/
Just one more thing
Live long and prosper
in Harmony

Harmony, oh don’t you know about
Harmony in this place
You do your part
You’re gonna lead
You’re Gonna speak with God’s
with a
Simple heart now

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