by Stephanie Klco-Brosius

Genre: Pop



Don’t friend me on Face book
Don’t you write on my wall
if you can only use the in ternet than
I don’t wanna hear from you at all

Don’t you dare like my status,
oh emoticons are just so blasé
‘m not so keen that you been stalkin me
but I don’t wanna block you today

Remember those bygone days sometimes I think they were better
not just some cryptic phrase you’d sit down and write me a letter

So don’t poke me on facebook
I should’ve known from the start
catchin up with you in cyber space would be
T-M-I for my heart

So don’t LOL me on facebook
I’m not ROFL at your failbook jokes

Don’t show me her cleavage
or your drunken friends down by the pool
take another look at your profile dear
cause you’re makin yourself the fool

Remember the days my friend when good bye was all that you’d need
now it seems there’s no end until I finally click on delete

Don’t post all your pictures
with your smiles from your brand new life
don’t you go and publish that sonogram
of the baby inside your wife

Maybe I’m too old fashioned
or maybe I’m just too old
but catchin up with you in cyber space
has been T-M-I for my soul

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