Don’t Let It Pass By

by Peter Scales

Genre: Pop


Are you kidding yourself? Whoa whoa whoa.
Am I foolin’ myself? Whoa whoa whoa.
That everything’s got to work out in the end,
we were only the briefest of friends.
So foolish I know to think everything’s
gonna be fine-
Don’t let it pass by.

I hope you want my love, whoa.
‘Cause everytime I get close to you,
I just want yours.
But everything’s gotta be straight from the start,
I’m as scared as a kid in the dark.
So blow out the lights & then sing me a song,
Rock me away in your arms, I’m in heaven.
Whoa whoa whoa.

We’ll grab a deck of cards and role the dice,
You’ll treat me rough & I’ll treat you nice,
Sometimes a papa and sometimes a devil with you.
But sooner or later we’ll have to decide,
If we want to stay here or let it pass by–
Don’t let it pass by,
Don’t let it pass by,
Don’t let it…

Repeat verse 2
Repeat chorus with tag:
Don’t let it pass by.

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