Doomsday Dave

by Adam Murphy

Genre: Folk/Acoustic



Davey built a cabin up a lonely hill
Because he felt the future of the World was ill
People shrugged their shoulders when he told them so
Saying “this is not our problem, so off you go”

He got a little patch above a far off town
That only had one way for going up and down
Made a little garden and he grew his own
Because he knew it’s all he’d have when the day was done

People all around knew him as Doomsday Dave
They shunned him or made fun of him and called him crazed
Although they had begun to see the signs of change
They blocked it from their minds just in case

Davey’s lonely haven didn’t have much room
But he made provisions for his favourite few
Though they’d mock him now they’d beg him when the bad day came
For then and them alone could he open up the gate

So when it came along and he had let them in
There followed on the masses scrambling up the hill
“To hell or high water” was their desperate cry
But Davey could do nothing except watch them die

Davey could say nothing but “I told you so
This is what you get when you let things go
To where you couldn’t live in it nor clear your mess
‘Twas time to mind myself having tried my best”

So Davey thought he’d salvaged what he could in time
He sat back and he waited for the storm to die
But then he saw the hill below him melting down
And in the mud slid the cabin, Dave and all were drowned

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