Drivin’ That Lawnmower To Town

by Mick Byrd words & music

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Drivin’ That Lawnmower To Town

Johnny P. was an old man who lived ‘cross my street.
On summertime evenin’s he’d play ball with me.
At seven years old I’d throw it as hard as I could.
Johnny P. never used a glove. He was that good.
Some days when his legs were unsteady.
I yell, “Hey, Johnny, get ready!”
He’d lost his license on account of the bottle
So he’d climb on that Wizard – put his hand on the throttle.
He wore an old brown fedora – it was 100 degrees in the shade.
5th gear – wide open. The engine was screamin’.
He’d drive by laughin’, wavin’ and weavin’
My Daddy’d yell “Johnny, did you remember to turn off the blade?”
Grandma’d sit on our porch swing and frown
“Johnny P’s on a bad one. He’s drivin’ that lawnmower to town!”

Johnny P. spent most of his life drinkin’ and hopin’
He was supposed to be a barber, I think, but his shop was never open.
Grandma’d pray that one day he’d see the error of his ways, God willin’
She said, “If she was married to that man she’d just have to kill him.”
His wife would yell and her face would turn red.
We’d hear the lawnmower fire up in their shed.

Chorus: (repeat)

Tag- I’d admit I’m not much of a drinker.
Some days when my week’s been a stinker.
And the whole world is gettin’ me down…
I think about gettin’ on a bad one and drivin’ that lawnmower to town.
drivin’ that lawnmower to town.
drivin’ that lawnmower to town.

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