Drunk Phone Call

by Michael Painchaud

Genre: Americana/Country


Do you remember when you said to me, the two of us could never ever be,
Well I sure do, cause it stuck to me like glue, and burned so painfully,
And you went on so well, and proceeded to go on and tell,
Everyone we knew, that we were done and we were through,
but then I got a drunk phone call from you


Well you were stumbling, mumbling, talking like a fool,
Cussing like trucker even though you’d always gone to catholic school,
And you might see, and I have to agree,
That you were oh so cruel,

The next day you gave me another call, and you said you didn’t miss me after all,
Cause you were being you, and you said it wasn’t true, it was just the alcohol,
I played the message from the night before, right before you passed out on the floor,
You said you needed me, just like a ship without a sea, and you left me needing more.


It might have been the cry of too much beer, your words were never really all that clear,
But you must have felt a spark, when you were lonely in the dark, and that’s exactly what I always feared,

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