by Jamie Polen

Genre: Country


I met Eliza back when I was seventeen
She was a wild one, a girl who brought the good times with her
I didn’t understand then
Just what that night would mean, when
She took my hand and made a man of me

We spent that night up on a rooftop counting stars
Eliza held her lighter up and traced the lines between ’em
It was the end of summer
I never knew, I told her,
That going nowhere could get you so far

We both knew that it never
Was meant to last forever
Too young, two different worlds
She had her path, I had mine
Still in all my life since I’ve failed
To find again that feeling I had
Lying on the rooftop there that night
With Eliza

We didn’t have to say that morning meant goodbye
But goodbye’s not the only thing I couldn’t bring myself to tell her
Just wrapped my arms around her
The last thing I remember’s
Feeling her pull closer in and holding on ’til daylight

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