Enough For Everyone

by Bryan Field McFarland

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Enough For Everyone
words & music: Bryan Field McFarland (c) 2007 sassafrasongs ASCAP

The world would have us believe there’s a scarcity.
Not enough for all of “them” AND you & me.
Yeah, the world would keep us afraid so we’ll hoard it all.
While the truth we rarely see, but this is what we believe…

There’s enough, there’s enough / Enough for everyone
More than enough, enough for us / Enough for everyone [repeat]

How long will it take till “us” means ALL OF US?
Planetary, universal – ALL OF US!?
And how long before we see what we throw away…
And that thousands of children die each & every day… EVEN THOUGH


Yes, our cup IS overflowing,
but we plow crops back to the ground.
We can live our faith by showing.
We can turn this all around ’cause… CHORUS

—————— Story behind the song ——————

Upon learning about Enough for Everyone of the Presbyterian Hunger Program at a 2006 training event I thought, “Wow, that phrase sings!” Then, in early 2007, I re-read Walter Brueggemann’s excellent article “The Liturgy of Abundance, The Myth of Scarcity” and the Enough For Everyone phrase had some potential material for verses.

One morning the chorus of this song hopped outta me and onto my digital recorder. The gift of that chorus brought about the construction on the verses and bridge all the while asking, “What would Brueggemann sing?”

God willing, Brueggemann WILL sing this song along with others as we work to make a difference in this all-too-hungry world. We CAN achieve the Millennium Development Goals which are online at: http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/

Here’s a phrase that DOES NOT SING! Over 800 million people remain chronically hungry even though the world produces enough food for everyone. One of the numerous sources supporting this is the Institute for Food and Development Policy – Food First – online at: http://www.foodfirst.org/12myths

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