by Jo Egan

Genre: Pop


Here i am in your car,
It’s early but i’m in the mood
I wish that I had met you,
Before you were a family man
I can see by the way you gaze at me
With those creased up twinkling eyes
That you wish that i was more than a mere transaction

And as the rain won’t stop falling
Streets outside are crawling
Screaming drills and sirens
All remind me that I,ve lost my dreams.

A kind of sadness fills the air
After passion wept for mercy
Maybe it’s just biology
But i think i’m gonna ache for you
I want to cry because I know I’m just
The firm flesh that you crave
I’ll play the game ,pull out all the stops
Lead you to an early grave.


I could make you eternal
End this ever burning need
When we’re done the silence
Through the stillness starts to bleed


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