Every Step I Take

by Young-Bin Na

Genre: Rock


If only there is a way to know
whats at the end of the road
losing sight of the way

If my life is a great big flow
gushing out and falling down
There is nothing I can do to stop the tide


If I had strength to make it through
climbing up the mountains
and never falling down

If only I could see the truth
Blinded by ignorance
There is no turning back


With every step that I take
I feel like I am falling behind
The more I pull it slips away

With every step that I take
I feel like my legs are pushing me down
I gotta get up and take a stand oh~


If you ever feel like giving it up
Remember back to the good old days
Where it all began for you

Even if you fall Even if you cry
Get back on your feet and carry on
and never look back

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