Fading away

by Jeff BUrton

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Send me your kisses
Send me your love
I’ve been under the weather
Now I’m rising above
The storms are still raging
But I’m doing ok
That’s all that we have
At the end of the day

Salt on my table
Salt in my tears
I wasted some time
Through all of these years
Everything turns out
All right in the end
I never was broken
I just learned how to bend

Under the moon
Under the sun
Everything new
Has already been done
Before I could fly
I learned to fall
Maybe I’ll make it
By the end of it all

Take a look at my face
My scars are all plain
But all that I did
I’d do it again
The surgeon was quick
And sharp was his knife
Everyone changes
In the course of a life

I don’t know what is coming
I don’t know what’s in store
For all I’ve been given
I still wanted more
But here is this moment
I’m happy to stay
Watching the sun
As it’s fading away

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