Famous For Being Famous

by Michael Mills

Genre: Country



I don’t have a job like you
Don’t work no nine to five
I rely on other ways
To keep myself alive
I live for the flashing lights
And glossy magazines
That’ll keep me in the news
And on your TV screens

I don’t give to charities
Do nothing for the poor
Unless it gets publicity, well, what
Would I do that for?
Give me something to endorse
And pay more than two bob
Long as I don’t have to go
And get a proper job

I’m famous for being famous
People think…….my life is great
Famous for being famous
Don’t think you……..appreciate

My dad’s a B-grade movie star
My mum’s a hanger on
And I’ll do anything for fame
All dignity is gone
Put myself in trashy scenes
Pretend I’m having fun
Just as long as I achieve
My moment in the sun

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