Fear the Sunshine

by Mik Dempsey

Genre: Rock


Think it’s easy being me
as scape-goat for your insecurity
I won’t be happy being one of the pack
so if you give me nothing you’ll get nothing back
oh can’t you understand that I won’t genuflect
to your conformity

I keep running away
I fear that the sunshine’s gonna spoil my rain today
I’m not gonna stay
especially if anything’s about to go my way

Once Beauty had the beast
that’s a myth to safely say the least
But not all myth’s are certified untrue
bet when you look inside you’ll find the beast is you
You can call me ugly, Don’t you call me a fool


Ok! so what I’m not the perfect fit
you didn’t need to treat me like a piece of shit
Baby, I’m no angel I’m no hypocrite


You once said I’m going nowhere slow
before I get to nowhere I just want you to know
that I love you and I hope you enjoy the show!


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