by daRome Bentley

Genre: Pop


Produced by ALI for Tabu Records
Written arranged by daRome Bentley for
Burgandy Soul Music BMI
Soulective Enterprise Group Copywrite 2008

Feelin (got it)

Verse 1

Wake up in tha morning girl wit a sweat
Each day that I’m with u I can’t forget
Your like the sun that shines in my sky
And each night I wait for you to see ya moonlight

And I cant help the addiction when I see ya face
Just know I wanna be in ya space
Glad I’m the only one in ya life
Can help these_ feeling but it feels so right

Hook: 2x
I got this feeling when I’m with you
Can’t help this feeling when I with out you
It’s like a sickness all around you
And all that know is I don’t wanna cure

Verse 2

Love is a silly game
U got me rackin my brain
going insane__ I luv u
I hope things neva change
How ya put it on me
I can’t refrain it’s the truth

She’s me air when I breath and
Foreva with her till Death and

What I wanna really say
Would have it no other way
Know she feel the same_____

This will stay
How long I have waited while others have waited
This wont fade
Still I say___


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