Fickle Finger of Fate

by Chet Cline

Genre: Rock



Another path to follow
To chase the clouds away
A simple twist of fate
Well there ain’t no way around it
Erase it from your brain
And now it’s much too late
Well they already love you
But you struggle anyway
Maybe no one really cares

One in a zillion
And will we do it again
Why even bother
And in a minute
Will it be ruined again

And here I bow before you
Then stumble trip away
And now it’s come to this
And there ain’t no doubt about it
It’s in total disarray
So never reminisce…insist
A last chance for redemption
As the hours tick away
Maybe no one ever learns…well now
And now they’ve come to judge you
It happens everyday
Why does it have to burn

Stuck in the middle
And take a bruising again
And then whatever
Crash through the window
And fester under your skin
Then run for cover
Why does it matter
The conflict boils within
It’s now or never
Can’t run forever
So let the battle begin

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