by Aaron Martin

Genre: Pop


You wake up and feel your heart beating
Is it real? Or just an illusion
To fight for what you believe in
Or give up letting your dreams end
Time to look beyond what you’re eyes see
Time to look at the things that you can be
A locked door you only have the key
Is it in you? Can you turn the key?

Bridge: I just can’t let it be this way
Go back on every word that I say
Don’t want to be this way
Don’t want to be this way

Can’t Stop! I have to keep moving
Can’t stop! Someday I’m gonna get there
Don’t Stop! I know it’s not easy
Won’t Stop! I gotta keep fighting

You couldn’t never let that fire die
Never extinguish what’s inside
The journey where lessons are taught
Becoming stronger everyday you fought
The task in front of you is daunting
So you only focus on one thing
The feeling that get’s you through the day
To fight and live another day


Though obstacles are in front of you
It’s up to you to push on through
And so you turn the key
That shackles that’s binding thy
A future awaits that has no bars
You walk and decide, tell me how far?
The key is now in your hands
Can’t stop because now you just can’t


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