by John E Wright

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


We are all fragile: look around at the dignified woman
Who covers her scalp with a scarf to hide the effects of her recent chemo;
Middle-aged men walking bow-legged after many years of play
Hear of the young singer who has been preyed on by another cancer

Refrain: We are all fragile; more vulnerable than we show;
We’re not all-powerful; we are fragile, yeah, we are fragile

We are all fragile: See, the grieving father who’s gone and outlived his son –
Stabbed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, now he is gone
See the teenage mum, thinks she’s got everything But she’s lost her self-esteem ‘n’ her freedom;
Hear the empty words of the priest before sending the addict’s coffin through the flames


Interlude: We could find strength If we surrendered our pride,
If we went looking for our Maker;
We could be strong if we did things God’s way
If we turned ourselves over to Jesus We would be strong

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