Fragile Thing

by Dave Nachmanoff

Genre: Americana/Country


Fragile Thing

Jeannie cries easy, it doesn’t take much to set her off
But Steven seems to know how to calm her down
Like handling china, or walking on eggshells, most of the time
He treats her gently; she thinks she’ll keep him around

She’s a fragile thing, a complicated angel
With a heart of glass, a checkered past
You must be careful
She’s a fragile thing, but this fragile thing
Will break your heart
(She’s a fragile thing, but this fragile thing
Will break your heart)

Jeannie’s not easy, although she’s known some men in her time
They get too close, she always disappears
A sleight of hand, some prestidigitation, a puff of smoke
A cloud of ink whenever someone nears


Nothing is easy, it seems she’s hardest on herself
She wears her pain and grief upon her sleeve
But Steven is not like the others and this could be different
It’s gonna take time until she knows what her heart can believe


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