by Rachel Lee Williams

Genre: Pop


Take my hand, oh take my heart
But please be careful it’s been torn apart
One too many times, by one too many lies
But I’m willing to fall, if you’re willing to catch
And I’m willing to love, if you give some back

So wrap me up and hold me in
I’ve been broken before
And it’ll happen again

Some things are fragile, please handle with care
Some things are fragile, and it’s better not to share
Some things are delicate, easily broken
Some things are delicate, better left unspoken

You took this shaky trust, well it came shattering down
Like a glass parade, all over this town
I had a steady hand, but a weary heart
Well you took them both, and tore me apart

So twist your words and pull me in
I’ve been before, well it’s happened again

Repeat Chorus

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