funki pope

by dirty boys

Genre: World


you heard about the smilin’ pope
and john the twenty three
he is the only pope
that was known as funky

he’sthe pope
he’s the pope
he’s the funky pope 4x

on friday nite St. pete’s all right
ecumenical council meets
wine and cheese papal decrees and
dancin in the streets


Being pope is not so bad
it has its benefits
playin jazz saying mass
signin papal writs


the pauls were very charitable
and so were the innocence
he is the only pope
that really know’s how to dance


at the vatican hes the man
the one with all the clout
doing good deeds filling people needs
even takes the garbage out


at St. Pete’s he does meets and greets
so hurry up and don’t be late
if you don’t see me I’ll be by the oak tree
outside the pearly gates

hes the pope 4x
do the funky pope

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