by Michael Gutierrez-May

Genre: Folk


Come to the corner
I will hear your problems
I don’t have all the answers
But you can talk to me.
It will help us get along
And you may not agree
But you can talk to me.

Oh, Gabrielle
I am coming to get you
I do not know why
They told me hate the government
They told me you’re a socialist
I do not know why
But now, you must die.

Now there are riots in Egypt
To oust an arrogant man
He had all the answers
But now he doesn’t know why
They are swarming in the streets
Yes, they are swarming in the streets.

Oh, Gabrielle
I am here to greet you
I want to know why
We lose our faith in government
They bark and call us socialists
We may disagree
May not see eye to eye
Yes, we may disagree
But you can talk to me.


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