Get Away From Me

by Mel Hart

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Ask me one more question, I’ll be sick
You’re stumbling through your words but you’re pretending to be slick
My ears are filled with miles and miles of you
But my brain won’t calculate the thoughts that you are sending through

And I’m tired of pretending this is where I wanna be

Take your hands and tie them up where I can’t see em
You’re on the edge
I can see you’ve got the dangerously wrong idea
So get away from me
Get away from me

Ask me one more time why I’m not smiling
As if you deserve to see me smile
Tell me once again just why you’re buying what you’re buying
And why I should be smiling in this supermarket isle

And I know I’m just a body
But this body’s got two fists
And I’ll let them do the talking


Not trying to be rude
Wait yes I am
Cuz sir, my eyes are up here
With your high school moves,
You must hate yourself
And I don’t have the time
So get your dirty face away from mine

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