Get It Heard

by George Wong

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


If I told u all the truths
Would u want to follow me?
If we smack down all the rules
Is it high hypocrisy
You May Say you have the will
It’s sometimes not enough
Got to get up on your feet and demand to be heard
Get it heard

“As you see the fires burn
Why are you trying to pretend?
You can’t see what’s going on
What are you trying to defend
Just because you say it loud
It doesn’t make it true
We all know what’s going on
‘Cause We ain’t nobody’s fool “
Get it heard

Maybe when they see the scars
They will start to turn ? (No no)
Maybe when they hear them crying
They will start to learn…(no no)
Only money speaks to evil
Turns a good man bad
Be the ones who make them see
Lives are in their hands

Call it out, there’s no defense
Rise up, keep holding on
There can be no point of view
When there’s only right from wrong
Show them up for who they are
Speak for those without a voice
Shout it out we make it clear
‘Cause we know what’s going on
Get it heard

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