Gets Me High ft. Kris Langemann

by Jay Edmondson, Lee Edmondson, Kris Langemann

Genre: Pop



Let the music keep on talkin (talkin)
I got the whole world in my pocket
it gets me high (high)
it gets me high
(let the music get you high…)
And I can feel it when I’m walkin (walkin)
I’m on a roll I just can’t stop it
it gets me high (high)
it gets me high
(let the music get you high…)

Verse 1 (JT420)

Me and you together we never could go wrong,
can’t explain it in a verse it doesn’t matter how long,
twelve or sixteen, the hook, the whole song,
somehow I’m obsessed like I’m sayin nothin at all.
“So why you doin all of that?” It must be for the love,
do the same thing twice when it comes to push and shove,
on the same-same mic, the same XLRs,
plug it in, hit the play button-we’ll be sayin somethin
like maybe if I get up early I’ll catch the worm,
but I never test the theory-guess I’ll never learn,
been a part of my career that keeps pushin my nerves
but I’m cooler than ever stress is none of my concern.


Verse 2 (illucid)

Let the music get ya high can’t fly without you.
I need you in my life, I’d die without you.
You keep my mind high when I’m around you
so I’ve been around the world, I’ve finally found you.
You say you need more sights and sounds,
who takes their thoughts and then writes em’ down,
who hates alot but then likes it now?
Wanna get up in my socks cause you like my style.
Do what you like man hear us on the radio,
I’ll be on the mic man, music is my hype man,
hittin all the cities on the globe is our flight plan,
I’m on a roll, coming home with a slight tan.


Feel the music, body movin,
make you lose it, can’t refuse it.
Reminds me of a time way back when we first met then you captured my soul,
love the way you make me move, gonna catch that groove and never let go.

Chorus X2

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