Giddy Up Woman

by Jonathan Ditto

Genre: Americana/Country


Giddy Up Woman , (Im your Giddy Up Man)
Jonathan Ditto
Copyright 2014

You my lil blossom
I Love to watch you bloom
Bright as the day
Wild ,Crazy (as a) little loon

But them games
you been playin
While we rolling in the hay
Well lil Darling
Don’t you treat me that way

You called me a sinner
But they call or (all say)
Im a saint
But when
we get together
We don’t hesitate

Down by the river
out behind the barn
Early in the morning
Cant do no harm

I see you spinning
All I can say is you
got me spun
your my giddy up woman
you make me
come undone

(These can go anywhere in song up to you. )

Giddy Up lil mamma
Giddy up with me
you make me Giddy
So easy and free

Cuz your my Giddy up Woman
And Im your giddy up man
Every time you Giddyup
Im a happy man

Got to giddy iddy up get it when you can

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