Girls Who Believe

by Shaw, Ballantyne, Johnson

Genre: Pop


People come people go some go fast some go slow
Some stay long some burn bright
Some you want to kiss goodnight

People are and people be but I lucked out with family
And my friends that I keep
Are the ones that make my feet
Stay on the ground when I get high
On life or love or sunny skies

And I will go down to the water
To find more of life than I see
And I will seek more than I’m given
Cause I am a girl who believes
I’m a girl who believes

Curly hair blonde and tall
That’s the type I choose to fall for every time I pick a heart
To go with mine and make a start
Of just what might turn out to be enough to make a family
Some of me and some of you
A sum of what our love can do

And I am always going to be believing in the fantasy
Dreams come true over and over
There’s lots of reasons not to try and give up to the other guy
Aren’t you sick of their crying
Lets start trying

Memories of a softer time lemonade and nursery rhymes
Oh how I’d go there again

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