by Roy Schroedl

Genre: Pop


I wanna, I wanna, I wanna go back to Gondwanaland
Whatever the weather, the world is together, let’s go

I sat in Geography, Science and Lit
Got an idea from the three, what a fit!
Let’s get in a time machine, take a cool trip
And go to a place where we all can be hip


We’ll hit a glacier in Africa, ski on the rift
Feed penguins in Libya, sleigh in Egypt
Golf at the South Pole before it gets cold
Buy Oceanfront property in Butte and Reno

It’s only a hundred million years
Turn the dial and push the button, and we’ll get out of here


I’m at peace with myself when I’m on the ice shelf with my radio
I don’t mind the static and the whales are singing real low
Someday I’ll be back when I run out of snacks, milk, and Cherios
So save me a seat, honey, I really do have to go


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