Gone Fishin’

by Paul Renaud and Shawn Renaud

Genre: Country


Pack up the truck, hitch the boat, bring the mutt: gone fishin’
Put the watch away; I’m through working time to play: gone fishin’

Gonna chuck it all, slow it right down to a crawl.
Pass the beer pass the bait, gonna hurry up and wait: gone fishin’

Lookin’ out at the sun that old fact’ry aint no fun: gone fishin’
Let’s find us some shade and you know we’ll have it made: gone fishin’

Sit back we’re done. See the dog; he won’t run.
If I hear a cell phone ring, someone’s goin’ for a swim: gone fishin’

Not much got done; you can’t put a price on fun: gone fishin’
There’s more to life than play but I’ll take it any day: gone fishin’

With a rod and some line, or a stick with some twine;
I know the lunkers go and as long as I can row: gone fishin’

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