Good-bye Kiss

by Nicolas Ruf

Genre: Country


Don’t bother asking me how I’ve been
‘less you’re gonna play along with violins
There’s never been a sadder story than this
About a good-bye kiss

One day she just walked out the door
Never even said what she was leaving for
There must have been a bunch of stuff I missed
Went into that good-bye kiss

She had another guy waiting down the line
She wanted his love more than mine
Before too long that well ran dry
And he gave her the kiss good-bye

She came back acting all sweet and soft
But I told her she could just kiss off
You can see from that I still felt pissed
About that good-bye kiss

I figured I could use some time alone
To think about the stuff I should have known
Turned out to be a pretty long list
Led up to that good-bye kiss

I ran into her after time had passed
She said she’d have helped me if I’d asked
But I was really clueless
Right up to that good-bye kiss

Now me and that girl, we get along all right
I tell her I love her morning, noon, and night
She says she’ll give me two weeks notice
Before any good-bye kiss
There won’t be any good-bye kiss
Not with a love like this

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