Good Kind of Small

by Stephanie Pauline

Genre: Country


Words and Music by
Stephanie Pauline

I’ve been an independent women
I’ve dreamed big, paid the bills, and hailed a cab
I’m the one my friends all look up to
Nothin’ was missin’ there was just somethin’ I didn’t have

And all the world says, “bigger is better”
And momma taught me to stand up straight and not trust men
But when I met you in your eyes there I saw it
There’s more to me than all the big and tough I’d been

Like a part of the whole
Like a peice of somethin’ greater
Like the breath of my soul
Beathing in and out
No fear, no pretence, no cold, and no harm
Here in the crook of your strong arm
I feel like
Such a good kind of small

I give you a wink at the party
You smile knowingly and give my hand a squeeze
And I admit now I’ve wanted this all along
I’m liberated enough to know what I need

Here I’m fragile and beautiful
As I look up at your face
And I could stand up to the whole world
But I fall into your embrace
I gotta be what I’m meant to be
I am what I am
I’m made to be your woman
You’re made to be my man

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