Goodbye Sweet Dreamer

by Peter Scales

Genre: Pop


Well if you don’t love me,
Please don’t lead me on.
You can’t be puttin’ your heart out
When you’re putting your coat on.

And if you can’t come home,
please don’t come on to me.
don’t want your shaky freedom,
And your uncertainty.

So I’m slouched against the window seat of a 12:05,
I got my feet up.
Well I remember well the words you hoped
would rise above the hell between us–
Goodbye sweet dreamer.
Goodbye sweet dreamer.
Goodbye sweet dreamer.
Goodbye sweet dreamer.

And if you can’t stay long,
Please dont sing your song for me.
It’s too late for one-night stands,
And that’s not my fantasy.

repeat chorus with tag:
Goodbye sweet dreamer.

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