by Liane Scholz

Genre: Folk


They just keep asking if I’m okay.
And I don’t know what to say.
Suddenly you’re gone, and life keeps moving on,
which suddenly seems wrong, in a way.

Time to say goodbye,
Let the ashes lie.
Forgive for any wrong, in time that have since gone
Time to say goodbye,
Everyone must die.
It’s hard to know what’s true, the truth is that I loved you.

I wish that you had one more chance.
And I hope you made amends.
Old memories now seem, so much like a dream,
it’s hard to find the sense while the pain is so intense.

Time to say goodbye.
Have another cry,
And look beyond the strife, that you knew in your life.
Time to say goodbye,
then we let tears dry.
We always did love you, and know you loved us too.

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