by Adam Rose (aka Kwayzar)

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


The tradewinds always have blown west cross the seas
You’ve stayed behind me like that easterly breeze
The moon will cycle through the starry night skies
But your love has never waned only been on the rise

And like the oxen pulls the plow through the ground
You’ve worked so hard and kept your ethics sound
And like the butterfly that floats on its wings
You’ve broken barriers stayed aloft without strings

Hey, I know you gave your all to me
Hey, I know you’d leave the world for me
Now, I need for you to hear me say
I’m so grateful every day

The friends I’ve had they just come and go
Some have burned me some have faded away slow
From the tree of life you have always been there
When all the others just didn’t seem to care

Hey, I know…

And now it’s time I let you know
I rarely say it but I love you
So remember the world is just a space in time
There is no death only life sublime
It hasn’t all been smooth
But we found our groove
Sometimes I feel I don’t deserve your love
I hope with all my heart I can give back enough

Hey, I know…

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