Half Lights, Half Sound

by Matt Rhoden, Ron Haney, Bart Schoudel

Genre: Rock


On the bill with a national act—
Airplay and a record contract.

Not a lot of dough, but killer exposure.
Back stage in the warm enclosure,
You gotta keep a lid on your composure.

The headliner spilled a drink on my shoes.
She said, Good times when you’re paying your dues.

Thought we’d leave the place in total ruins.
No one seems to notice what we’re doing.
Why’s she hanging by the soundboard stewing?

Oh, she told them
Half lights half sound

Manhattan had the industry heads.
Anyway, that’s what the management said.

Here’s a fellow that could make or break you.
Call me right away in case they take you.
Tough, you got a mix that wouldn’t wake you.

Oh, they told them
Half lights, half sound.

The headliner laid an egg in Boston.
They flipped the bill when we landed in Austin.
Damn shame when the opener’s lost in…

Half lights, half sound
Oh, we told them
Half lights, half sound…

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