Hard to keep

by Andreas Jordan

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Hard to keep

When You come home late at night
she’s already fallen asleep
dreaming about a wonderland
too far away to keep

When you wake up, the breakfast’s done
children went to school
For duties and shopping your Baby’s gone
alone it’s hard to stay cool

She’s the one, she’s the one
She’s the one you need

Same procedure every day
no chance to break that through
Remember high times that you had
when everything was new

The loveliest maid ever born
to share her life with you
The prettiest thing you’ve ever seen
she makes your brown eyes blue

She’s the one….

You leave the house, go to work
hard way all day long
you miss her badly but make the stand
when you come home she’s gone

„I feel so sad“, the letter says
that you hold in your hand
„But love has gone in certain ways“.
She went to wonderland

She’s the one…
She’s the one, she’s the one
But she was hard to keep

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