Harleys and Heartbreak

by Paul Fritzler

Genre: Americana/Country


Harleys and Heartbreak

1st Verse

Harley’s and heartbreak they go hand in hand, like bad women and whiskey, like the Rio and Grand

When women say choose, they simply don’t know what they’re say’in.

We got soft-tails and sportsters, customs and glides

Come on let’s get the fat-boys and we’ll go for a ride

When push comes to shove, just point me down hill, I’ll be fine

1st Bridge

Please don’t make me ride around in this rusted old Japanese automobile

I’ll give up road trips when hell freezes over and the devil is welcome back here

Sun in my face and the wind on my back, yea… and bugs in my teeth, now that’s my state of grace

So honey I love ‘ya, you’re much in demand

But Harley’s and heartbreak they go hand in hand

You’re a good hearted women and I’m hope’n that you’ll understand

Instrumental Break

2nd Bridge

Since 1903 it’s been American steel. They fought in our wars and they helped us to heal

We’re rebels with causes and outlaws and hero’s, we’re bankers and lawyers…we’re all welcome here

We’re modern day cowboys with our own rodeo’s, from upstate New York down to old Mexico.

So honey I love ya, but just so you know

Harley’s and heartbreak it’s part of the show

If you don’t see a future in that, then it’s best you just go

If you still don’t understand well then frankly I don’t give a damn

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