by Ken Dunckley

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Let it grow…

I dreamt of brown and barren fields accursed by the sky
the irrigation graveyard where water went to die
Arid clumps of lifeless dirt whose voices had gone dry
bemoaned the weary wasteland left beneath a barren sky

I dreamt a hooded figure crawled, raw fingers clawing soil
No glare, no wind, no burning sun could cease its futile toil
through dust and dirt it clung to earth though the very air did boil,
committed like a foolish hound, no wolfpack was more loyal

I dreamt in colors unrecognized through evaporating streams
heatstroke lapping at the fragments of broken wooden beams
that once upheld a fortress that protected a tired theme
Despair had left dilapidated the heart of every dream

(Heal me…)

I dreamt that in the steaming sweat the figure linked our hands
beneath the burning sky we wandered over the sterile land.
A desert wind whipped through our robes like God’s own reprimand,
gravity ground away at me in ways I couldn’t understand…

(Heal me…)

I dreamt that I was facedown in the ashen lifeless field,
and from my prone perspective was the figure now revealed,
the Harvest Woman who clawed the soil left furrows for to yield
millennial seeds of Hope and Love to clean a wound unhealed-
to clean a wound unhealed…
to clean a wound unhealed.

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