Haven’t Got A Clue

by Michael Mills

Genre: Rock



I can’t believe
You waited so long to tell me
Why d’ya have to leave it
Till we’re just outside the door?
This isn’t what I wanted
I’d already planned my actions
And now I find my plans
Are torn up and scattered on the floor
Don’t look at me for answers
I’m leaving it up to you

‘Cause I haven’t got a clue
No I haven’t got a clue
Is it me or is it you?
You know I haven’t got a clue

Why can’t you keep
To your side of the bargain?
How did it go
That the story’s not the same?
Who’s in your ear
What advice did they give you?
Don’t wanna be a player
In a stupid, stupid game
Don’t look to me to help you
I don’t know what I can do

You look at me & I look at you
Is this what it’s all come to?
How’d we get here, where are we going to?
I’ve said it before
I don’t know what to do

What made you think
It was okay to screw me?
Who said it was cool
To fuck me around?
I was almost there
So close I thought that I could taste it
Then you came along
And ran it all into the ground
I’m all out of suggestions
Maybe you’ll know what to do

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