Hear Her Thoughts

by Donald Adrian Hall & Rocky Presley

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Hear Her Thoughts
Written Hall & Presley
© 2006 by Hall

Have you seen her eyes or held her hand when she looks at you?
Her world stops moving, all for you, it’s all for you.
Can you hear her heart singing in perfect time over you?
Till all the noise is left behind and it’s only you.

Hear her thoughts, feel her heartbeat,
As one blinded to the race of time.
Hear her speak words of life into you, to you.
Go to quiet places in her heart; stand with her
Through the dark of night or the light of day,
Hear her thoughts.

God made two into one; once two candles now one flame.
You could lose your way but her love will remain the same for you.
Could you give your life for hers or pass the time in silence.
Your heart’s ripe with righteous desire for her embrace, it’s only you.

For all my life I give all for your life
To live for all that’s mine fades before your light.
And I will love, and I will love.
I will love, and I will love.

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