Heros’ and Dreams(Demo)

by Paul Avers

Genre: Americana/Country


When Church bells ring into the eve, Or while the world is half asleep, I’ll be dreamin’ of sailor on a watch he must keep.

Beneath the stars so brightly shine or all through a silent night, I’ll be dreamin’ of the soldier who,,
Stands Ready to fight!

When all the angels voices sing,in glory and up high, I’ll dream of them in airman’s wing, who sore accross the sky!
Until I wake up in the morn’ to the gifts beneath my feet, I’ll dream of them around the world…who Fight to keep me FREE….

And when I bow my head and pray, For dinner at the end of the day, I won’t forget our servicemen and WOMEN far away! and I’ll pray to God they’ll always know, though we may be apart, They’ll Never be a world away, They’re right here in my Heart!



Yea! Til all the angels voices sing in Glory and Up high, I’ll dream of men in Airmen’s wings who sore accross the sky, Until I wake up in the morn to the gifts beneath my feet, I’ll dream of those around the world! Yea! I’ll dream for those around the world! WHO FIGHT to KEEP ME FREE! Yea!
KEEP ME FREE! Yea They Keep us all free…..

When Church bells ring into the eve, When the world is half asleep….I’ll be dreamin’ of the Sailor on a watch ….He must Keep….

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