Hey Now

by J. Lutes

Genre: Rock


I’ve been trying to write
All through this lonely night
But all my words just fall to pieces
I’m barely hanging on
Ever since you’ve been gone
Your final kiss just left me speechless
There’s a time I’m waiting for
When you walk back through my door

Hey now, hey now
Oh let me tell you something
I never meant to go and make you cry
Hey now, hey now
Just come a little closer
Follow your heart and let me change your mind

And we were moving fast
But we were built to last
Heating up as every night got colder
You said, “Forget the past”
I thought you’d never ask
It was on but now it’s over
You whispered in my ear
I heard it loud and clear


All the horses and the king’s men
Can’t take back the things that we said
This life that we created
It got so complicated
You’ll write the final chapter
I hope you’re happy ever after


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