by Ray Isaac

Genre: Pop



I felt the love in your eyes
From the moment we first met
And I imagined your lips
Touching mine
I know it’s hard for me to get

I need to tell you here and now
Though I’m afraid to say it
‘Cause it may blow it
Once you know it

And I can’t go on this way
Hiding my feelings
With the hope that one day
You’ll say, “I love you”
No, I can’t go on this way
Hiding my feelings
I wish you’d come out and say
That you love me too

I can’t call you anymore
‘Cause the sound of your voice
Melts me inside
Your personality’s so kind
Oooh, yeah
Like the wind you make me fly

You’re the answer to my wish
I swear the only thing that you are missing
Are your wings

[repeat chorus]

The time has come for me to let go
And I cannot camouflage my love
For you anymore
I hope she makes you happy
When I am not around
I hope that you remember me
Whenever you’re down, oh

I’m not gonna
Not gonna hide no more

[repeat chorus]

I know what I want
I know what I deserve

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