by Jonathan Ditto / Brian Brooks

Genre: Folk


Jonathan Ditto

Copyright 2014

Performance by Brian Brooks

These old hilltops of LA
Have a story to tell
Some rose to the highest heights
others climbed on till they fell
If you really want to get there
you cant stop don’t ever be scared.

These hIlltops of LA tell a story of their own

You’ll be singing your song someday
on the other side of the hill
The brightest one where sunshines free
And Angels sing at will
While dreamers dream away
both near and far today

These Hilltops of LA tell a story of their own.

In these hilltops of LA Hopes and dreams can’t fade away
But if you have that soul , you will never loose your way
Play your song on the hilltops every night and every day.
Be the new story coming off these hilltops of LA

These ol hilltops of LA have a story to tell

Of dreams and aspirations that never reached their fill
So keep on rising never fall. your times now and its your call

These hilltops of LA tell a story of their own
Theres a song for you to play in these hilltops of LA

Song Length
Folk – Traditional

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