Howlin’ at the Moon

by Eileen Tipping

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Howlin’ at the Moon

I am dancing in the rain on the blacktop, still warm from the heat of the day.

The halogen lights sparkle in the puddles as I splash my water ballet.

I’ve got a feeling in the pit of my belly- this time you’re gonna stay.

‘Cause when my love comes down on you, darlin’, you won’t ever go away.

I’m whirlin’ like a dervish, howlin’ at the moon
I’ve got a bet with the man behind the curtain says you’re gonna be home soon.
I’m hungry for your sweet lips, crazy as a loon.
But I will lay any bet, any odds I can get,
Tonight they’ll be playin’ our tune
I’m howlin’ at the moon-Oooooooh
I’m howlin’ at the moon-Oooooh

That rainy night I stood crying at the window as you left for the vast unknown.
You told me that you loved me but you had to go- didn’t know when you were coming home.
I left my light in the window. I left my lock off the door.
But I sent my heart along in your suitcase, ’cause I wouldn’t need it anymore.


For years I heard rumors of your travels from the streams and the rocks and the trees.
They told me you had found the secret of life, and happiness, and liberty.
I have learned to be patient, I have learned to live alone,
But I have never given up believing that one day you would
come back home.


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