Howlin’ Wolf

by Jag

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


you leave me stranded,
on my own,
i ain’t skin and bone,
i can moan,
to the moon all by myself
i’m a howling wolf
(verse 1)
don’t you dare, don’t you dare, leave me for a spare!
you know i’m more, yes i’m more…than a woman.
i can see, i can feel, when you’re going the wrong,
backwards, forwards, your the bobby i knew.
crowded rooms in our home and yet you swear i’m the one,
i’m all,
but you fill it up, with me, coz i’m junk.
i’m big and loud, but you’ll never know,
we’re does.
you see i’m jane and your john,
i can sense that your fond,
of the…weakness in me!
(chorus) x2
(verse 2)
god laid it out for me, so you’re doomed!
i’ll be the first woman singing blues, on the moon,
but it’s cool,
i’m not alone with you.
piece of peace, for my mind,
is all i need,
don’t want nobody…stealing all i got!
yes i got…away from me
it’s all there, when your bare, in front of you baby, oh
it’s a little little man, twice as small as just your hand and…
not a lover, in sight.
(chorus) x2

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