by Jennifer Spector

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


I’m ahead of the game when I aim for the main frame
I love to get carried away…by the tidal wave
Of emotional give & take

If you go by the book, then you might overlook my song
When you should hum along or maybe improvise
Humor improves everything

I want to conquer my fears, that bring me my tears,
Of the saltiest kind
Lets go for flavors bold before we get any older
I need to seize on the reasons that show me my seasons
My favorite time of the day
I’m inspired by those that don’t back down from the fight.

It’s the right time for the funniest line of the show
I guess you outta know…my love is paradise
Humor improves everything

I know everyday isn’t sunny & warm
The clouds that rush in are missing their silver,
Your cheeks will hurt tomorrow if you force that smile
So give it some time then let it go.

I’m learning to chuckle before my knees buckle,
And my sanity crosses the line.
Because a well told joke give my skin a healthy glow

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